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SOMO•INSIGHT is a multi-center nationwide clinical research study sponsored by U-Systems, Inc. to evaluate if the somo•v™ Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) done together with a routine screening mammogram (x-ray) is more accurate in detecting breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue than having a routine screening mammogram alone. The fully automated ultrasound technology, which is used in the clinical research study is cost effective and patient friendly. The somo•VIEWer™ software creates 3D-reconstructed images of the breast tissue for the radiologist to review.


Our Team

(808) 546-5000
4894 Alpha Avenue
POB 1, Suite 1012

Dr. Marry Major, Neurosurgery Specialist

(904) 235-2227
3182 Frum Street
Portland, TN 37148

Elena Gonzales, Elena Gonzales

(812) 843-2784
3339 Stratford Park
St Meinrad, IN 47577

Buster K. Robinson, Orthopedic Hand Specialist

"It has been great working on the SOMO•INSIGHT Clinical Study and learning more about how breast density can affect mammography."

-Erin Turpin

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