Benefits of Inversion Table Therapy

Inversion table therapy is a technique in which you are stretched upside down to stretch your spine so that you will feel relieved from back pain. The gravity of your body will be shifted in this theory to ease off the pressure. This type of therapy is termed to be called as the Inversion table therapy. This therapy will also provide traction for your spine.

You should know about the risks, benefits and different to practice the Inversion therapy. The Inversion table therapy is advantageous for the people who suffer from the following problems. They are as follows:

  • Scoliosis
  • Sciatica
  • lower back pain (Chronic)
  • Poor circulation

The people who support the inversion therapy have said that it will resolve and prevent the back problems. They also believe that the health issues can be prevented in future due to the stretching and circulatory benefits. As per the studies, there is no proper conclusion that the inversion table will work or not.

According to the guide on InspirationalBodies, the inversion exercises will help the spine of the body by removing waste from the spine, decreasing the inflammation and increase the circulation of blood through the protective disks. This therapy will help to create a protective liquid around your spinal discs.

The studies have found that taking the inversion therapy at 60 degrees for eight weeks has reduced the back pain. It also improved the flexibility and strength. The inversion therapy will be useful to improve the space in your spinal discs making it relieve from pressure. The pressure on spinal discs is felt when you perform the activities like sitting, bending and running. This pressure will increase the risk of back pain including other complications. Some people have found that the inversion therapy is ineffective while others consider it to be one of the best treatment that works for back pain.

The flexibility of your body will be better if you practice the inversion therapy. Your body will become stronger over the time due to the micromovements in the spine. The posture of your body will also be improved with the help of inversion table therapy. If you are in a desk job, then this theory will be helpful to you. The compression can be reduced with the zero-gravity nature of the inversion table. Your back problems can be prevented potentially from disability with the inversion table. The need of spinal surgery can also be solved with the inversion therapy.

The 2012 study has stated that the people who suffered from the lumbar disease have used the inversion therapy for at least six weeks and reduced the need for surgery. It is also important to remember that the back problems are very complex. We cannot guarantee that you can prevent the surgery after using the inversion table. This therapy can be considered as an alternative treatment for back pain. It is better to consult your doctor always before you try the treatment with inversion therapy. The benefits of inversion therapy can also be gained through certain yoga poses.