Benefits of Inversion Table Therapy

Inversion table therapy is a technique in which you are stretched upside down to stretch your spine so that you will feel relieved from back pain. The gravity of your body will be shifted in this

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Don’t “Lose your Marbles”

As I am nearing age 40, I am reminded of the old phrase “losing my marbles”. It is a scary fact indeed. Memory decline can truly be a frightening part of getting older. There has been much focus on

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10 Reasons to Quit Smoking

I have smoked before. It was never a pack-a-day addiction, but more like one cigarette a day habit. I have never been addicted to them. I could quit and start back up just like that (snap).

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The Stress Factor

Is it possible that stress can help us become more conscious? Stress has a negative connotation because of the havoc it wreaks in our lives. Even making time to sit and read this article was

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top Ceiling Fans

How Ceiling Fans Can Affect Your Health

Ceiling fans are one of the best options when it comes to dealing with hot summer days. The invention of Philip Del in 1822 has undergone many technical evolutions ever since it was first

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