How Ceiling Fans Can Affect Your Health

Ceiling fans are one of the best options when it comes to dealing with hot summer days. The invention of Philip Del in 1822 has undergone many technical evolutions ever since it was first discovered. The ceiling fans are cheap and come with many advantages. However, there are some disadvantages as well. I am talking about the health problems caused by ceiling fans. Today we will learn about the health issues triggered by ceiling fans and how to deal with it.

Ceiling fan blows the wind, therefore, it removes some amount of moisture from the surface of our body, i.e. skin. This reason gives rise to dehydration leading to headaches and migraines.

Solution: Drink more water to restore the water content in your body. Do not sleep bare bodied, wear loose and short cotton clothes.

Dehydration is one of the most common health issues. The continuous blowing of air leaves our exposed skin dehydrated. I have often noticed people who suffer from chapped lips in summer.

Solution: Have a shower before sleeping, apply moisturizer on your body and drink a lot of water.

Ceiling fans can aggravate preexisting allergy conditions. Ceiling fans, if not cleaned regularly, will attract dust and dust mites. As you switch on the fan it will spread all across the room, on the furniture and the carpets. This will lead to allergy. The situation can grow worse who have pre-existing dust mite allergy.

Additionally, if the room is dusty, the ceiling fan will blow the dust and it will leave a coat of dust on everything present in the room.

Solution: It is not difficult to deal with the situation. People who are allergic to dust and dust mites should avoid cleaning the fan when it is too dirty, rather clean regularly to uproot the problem. Clean the room and the carpets regularly, use a vacuum cleaner for the carpets.

Rashes on your skin are not caused by the ceiling fans. However, it may make you little uncomfortable or feel helpless. Unlike AC, the ceiling fans do not control and do not drop the temperature of the room. All it does it blowing the air present in the room. If the wind is hot, it may make you feel helpless.

Solution: Enjoy a bath before you go to bed. Wear breathable cotton pajamas.

Stiff Neck
You may wonder as you wake up with a stiff neck, what went wrong last night? Continuous airflow causes muscles to tense. This is the reason for an ache.

Solution: Avoid direct and close airflow on your skin.

The summer days are hot and dry or humid. When dry air is blown on your skin, as you switch on the house fan, can irritate the mucus membranes in the nasal passages.

Solution: Keep a humidifier to help you restore moisture.

Dry Mouth
Enjoying the cool breeze coming from the best rated ceiling fans can often lead to dry your mouth and throat. And it will cause you utter discomfort when you are sleeping at night.

Solution: Drink plenty of water before bedtime. Keep a thermos flask filled with cold water handy as you go to sleep.